China’s Babytree.Com Surpassed U.S.-Based Babycenter.Com to become World’s No. 1 Pregnancy And Parenting Website.

近日,由Alexa数据显示,在网站PV(页面浏览量)、UV(独立用户)以及用户停留时间等多项数据上能够看到,总部位于中国北京的母婴网站宝宝树(babytree.com)已经全面超越美国著名在线母婴社区babycenter.com(宝宝中心),成为全球访问量最大、最受欢迎的垂直母婴网站。每个月超过5500万独立用户访问宝宝树, 其中绝大部分是孕期到学龄前(六岁)的年轻妈妈, 覆盖整体中国学龄前婴幼儿妈妈上网总数的八成。
According to most recent data published by Amazon’s web statistics tracking site Alexa.com, Beijing-based Babytree.com has surpassed the well-known online parenting portal  BabyCener.com in terms of overall traffic (PV, or Page Views), unique users (UV, orUnique Visits) and time on site.  With 55 million unique monthly visitors, most of whom pregnancy stage to pre-school (age 6) children moms,  Babytree is now the world’s leading parenting portal.  In other words, Babytree now reaches over 80% of all China’s mom online users from pregnancy to pre-school (age 6).

记者通过Alexa.com进行查询后证实,从2012年6月开始,宝宝树网站流量已经全面超越babycenter;在独立访问人方面,则表现出强劲的上升势头,且在2013年初逐步超越babycenter。 更有意义的是, 宝宝树是一个比babycenter粘性更强的网站, 人均浏览页面处于babycenter两倍的水平,而网站的人均停留时间则是babycenter的1.5倍。
According to Alexa.com, Babytree.com overtook Babycenter.com in terms of site traffic starting as early as June 2012.  Babytree’s unique visitor (UV) surpassed Babycenter.com from the beginning of 2013 after showing strong upward momentum.  Equally impressive is Babytree’s site “stickiness”, as evidenced by its page views per users (2x Babycenter.com), and average staying time per user (1.5x Babycenter.com).  


图1:宝宝树(Babytree.com为蓝色曲线)从2012年6月开始 PV 全面超越 babycenter.com
Graph  #1: Babytree (Babytree.com in blue curve) has surpassed Babycenter.com in PV (Page Views) since June 2012.


图2:宝宝树(Babytree.com 为蓝色曲线)独立访问人(UV)已超越babycenter ,而且继续上升动力强劲。
Graph #2: Babytree (Babytree.com in blue curve) has surpassed Babycenter.com in UV (Unique Vistors) and continues to show strong growth momentum.


图3:宝宝树(Babytree.com 为蓝色曲线)人均页面浏览量PV 是babycenter的两倍。
Graph #3: Babytree (Babytree.com in blue curve) doubles PV (Page Views) per visitor than Babycenter.


图4:宝宝树网站(Babytree.com 为蓝色曲线)人均停留时间是babycenter的1.5倍。
Graph #4: Babytree (Babytree.com in blue curve)  users spend 1.5 times more time per visitor than Babycenter.

Founded in 1997 and headquartered in San Francisco, US online parenting giant Babycenter.com has always been regarded as the most popular online parenting platform, favored by worldwide moms, particularly those in the US and in Europe.  Founded in 2007 in Beijing, 10 years after Babycenter’s establishment, Babytree has been growing leaps and bounds and now has surpassed the once most popular Babycenter.com.  Babytree’s overtaking Babycenter as the world’s leading parenting site has established China’s growing importance in the worldwide competition to offer great online services to the mom and family population. 

Allen H. Wang, Babytree’s co-founder and CEO, praises Babycenter.com for its long standing accumulation of quality content.  However, Wang believes that his Babytree’s community parenting philosophy by fostering online communication and community support is more “in” with the current generation of young moms.  And Wang attributes Babytree’s fast rise in usage and popularity to this online communal philosophy.  With a massive reach of over 80% against China’s pregnancy stage and pre-school moms, many of whom overseas Chinese users who communicate with their China based family via Babytree, Wang believes that Babytree.com is also poised to exert more international influence.   Wang harbors a dream of one day taking Babytree global by offering multi lingual services. 

随着宝宝树全面超越babycenter,中国母婴互联网市场势必再次掀起一股浪潮。中国妈妈群体所带来的巨大潜在市场成为各行各业争夺的目标。“谁能真正满足中国新一代父母育儿、职场和生活等多元化需求,谁就掌握了核心竞争力。 2013年会是中国母婴行业的第一个真正的爆发年。宝宝树创立六年来一直在辛勤耕耘着线上母婴社区,作为领军的企业,我们一定会继续领跑2013中国母婴爆发成长年。”王怀南表示,宝宝树的目标就是从孕期一直到宝宝成长至6岁,都能够充分满足中国父母在育儿生活中的全方位需求——知识、关怀、交流平台以及育儿工具等。
Chinese mom population with its huge market potential has already become the target audience for various industries. With the fact that now China’s Babytree.com has surpassed Babycenter.com in all measures as the world’s leading parenting portal, China will for sure witness a wave of web start up passion in the parenting area.  Babytree’s Wang believe 2013 will be an explosive growth year for the parenting industry in China, and he thinks “ those who can truly satisfy the variety of needs of China’s parenting generation will have a competitive edge.  Babytree’s CEO concludes by saying “We have built the world’s leading parenting portal with the past 6 years of effort.  We will maintain this position by better meeting parents’ needs on and offline, and by offering more innovative solutions to moms in China and beyond.



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